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Creating Time Travel

Time travel is defined as "the action of traveling through time in the past or future." That can be interpreted in a couple of ways; You could think of this as science fiction...hopping into The DeLorean in Back to The Future, or you can think of this as reminiscing on extraordinary experiences you have or would like to have. While writing this, I can close my eyes and feel the fine red sand of the Al Wadi Desert in Dubai on my feet, and my heart racing as our guide hurried us back to the main part of our hotel so we wouldn't have to worry about scorpions when the sun went down. These moments, to me, are ones that will never leave me.

I am fortunate to have many moments in the past that I can time travel to, and I have many in the future that I visit. Recently, however, I was speaking with my mother and a friend of hers who had visited Vietnam this past year, and although her friend had shared that experience with us, she was focused in on how she wished she traveled more in her life and where she would love to go. Upon further investigation, I found that there were a couple of reasons she was unable to travel as much as she liked. First, "Kids are EXPENSIVE," she exclaimed. Next, technology and travel weren't as readily available as it is now. Lastly, she wants to retire, and traveling is also expensive.

My mother's friend is not the exception; she is much more aligned with the rule. In a 2018 study by AARP, the highest barrier to travel for GenX and Baby Boomers was cost at 42% & 40%, respectively. On average, these groups are spending $6,600 annually on their travel arrangements, but that's only an average. In that same study, we found that the folks were categorized in the following stages of their travel endeavors:

So, what does this mean? I interpret this as people are looking to create time travel, but they understand their limitation, desire is not the issue because they are thinking and planning already. What people, in general, are missing is the ability to get the accommodation they are looking for, at the budget they have to offer. aiTravelers. Is solving this problem - we allow folks to tell us their desired travel along with their budget and we automate the process while negotiating with the suppliers for individual pricing. We want to flip the travel stage to booked vs. idea and we want to give folks the ability to time travel without having a DeLorean.

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aiTravelers allows travelers to book their travel by setting a destination, date and budget - then allow us to accommodate. Trips go into a marketplace for the suppliers to optimize the journey in the best way possible, whether that be an upgraded room, window seat, or within a constrained budget.
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